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"Very simple, very fast and very effective..."

Stuart Neil, Head Greenkeeper, Hilton Park Golf Club, Scotland

  • Fast and easy to use
  • Work and cost reports
  • Can be used in any language
  • Easily adapted for schools or stadiums

Value, cost of

Maps & Dimensions
Nutrient reports etc.
New image to be displayed soon
Hours worked
leave, illness

Plan & Report
Duration of jobs
clear reports

Fertilisers and nutrients
chemicals, spare parts ...

Input of jobs and hours worked ~10 mins/day

Really easy planning
and tracking invoices

Screenshots of the software

   Keeping track of hours worked

    Enter a job by clicking items in the box:
    - e.g. "Bunkers" ... "rake". If you wish, add staff and machines.
    - Terms inside the drop-boxes can easily be changed.
      This allows you to have the reports in your language: Danish, Finnish, Gaelic...

    This creates different reports, e.g. this work report.

    Detail from the work report.

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