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On Punctus

Punctus was established in 1999 by brother and sister Andrea and Herwarth Talkenberg. Together with greenkeepers we developed the Punctus Greenkeeping Software. Our goal was that it had to be practical, easy and fast to use. For small courses as well as larger operations.

One of our key advisors was Herman Schulz - formerly Head Greenkeeper Gut Kaden and Board member of the German Greenkeeper Association, since 2008 Head Greenkeeper of Champions League Soccer Club Hamburg (HSV), turning the HSV into our first soccer customer.

Having started in March 2002 Punctus became market leader for greenkeeping software by a wide margin, particularly in the German-speaking part of Europe.

Some details about the present distribution
Used in 15 countries • on courses with 9 to 45 holes • with greenkeeping staff from 2 to 42+
United Kingdom • Iceland • Australia • Austria • Denmark • Finland • France • Germany • Ireland • Italy
Netherlands • Spain • Sweden • Switzerland • United Arab Emirates

Brother and sister behind Punctus

Herwarth Talkenberg

- open and cold water swimmer
- loves to cook and eat
- father of two
Andrea Talkenberg

- passionate cook
- at home in water
- adores London

Punctus Ltd.
UK office +44 2081 339 592
Phone Germany +49 40 8830 1889