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Some Customers' Voices & References

"The Punctus Software is better for me than expected"

"I fill it out every single day.

I keep track of which jobs we have done, when and who was doing what. It helps me to improve our performance. Our committee loves the reports. When did we aerate the fairways? One mouse-click and I have the answer."

Stuart Richins, Head Greenkeeper, Burford Golf Club, England
Punctus customer since 2013

"The Cost of Jobs"

"Quick and easy, I use the Punctus Software every day.

The most important bit for me are the reports. They give me support and strength to argue my points. In particular to show the cost of jobs.

We were asked to do quite a few jobs around the first tee: I was stunned when I saw how much that cost in internal labour!"

Warwick Manning, Head Greenkeeper, Abbeydale Golf Club, England
Punctus customer since 2016

"Greenkeeping is more than just cutting grass"
"It helps me a lot. For example I spoke to a committee member and he asked me when we were going to do a certain job. After browsing through Punctus I could tell him when the job was done, how long it took and which member of staff did it. That was pretty much the end of the discussion.

Also, the committee was quite surprised to see the amount of work and number of jobs going on, outside just cutting grass."

Eoin Riddell, Head Greenkeeper, Royal Dornoch Golf Club, Scotland
Punctus customer since 2009
"Managing cost levels in Greenkeeping"
"A few highlights how using the Punctus Program has helped us managing cost levels at Grindavíkur Golf Club.

Bunker costs
The Board of the club wanted to significantly increase the number of bunkers on the course. Using the reports, I could show our current bunker costs and what the additional annual maintenance costs would be. The board decided to scale down the bunker construction project so it would fit our maintenance budget.

Replacing old machines
Using the cost reports on single machines and the graphs in the reporting section I could show the internal time spent on machines compared to time spent on the greens. I also very clearly could show the man-hours spent on repairing a machine and thus the labour cost, which was much higher than the board members had expected. This made a compelling case to replace machines, where the club had been reluctant.

Show savings through investment in machines
We bought a simple core collector that fitted behind our aerator, which some members of the board had been reluctant in purchasing. Using old and new reports I could demonstrate to the board that the new machine had paid for itself after 1.8 times of use just by reducing the number of man hours needed for the job.

In addition the job was physically very hard before: we used snow shovels to push cores across the greens and the guys were completely exhausted afterwards. Now the job only needs 3 staff members and we are 60% faster and the board members got a fantastic little graph from the reports, proving what a great investment this was.

Bjarni Þór Hannesson, Golf Course Manager, Golfklúbbur Grindavíkur, Iceland
Vice Chairman of the Icelandic Greenkeepers and Groundsmen Association
Punctus customer since 2011

"Improving cost management in greenkeeping"

"We decided to go with Punctus here at Reykjavik Golf Club in Iceland as we believe it can improve the way we manage our cost in maintaining our two golf courses. We wanted to have a better overview of what we were spending money on and where there was room to improve and perhaps save money.

We are very happy with Punctus and we are certain that our cost management will improve greatly and that we can present our board and members with good information regarding the financial side of the golf course maintenance."

Ágúst Jensson, Head Greenkeeper, Korpa Golf Course, Golfclúbbur Reykjavíkur, Iceland
Chairman of the Icelandic Greenkeepers and Groundsmen Association
Punctus customer since 2011

"First-class support"

The greenkeeping team at Hindhead have been using a competitor's software programme for ten years, so I was very reluctant to change after collating such an amount of data.

As Punctus was a cost effective alternative, I took the plunge and have been extremely impressed with all aspects of the programme. This, coupled with first-class support and a commitment to develop the software further, means Punctus will undoubtedly go from strength to strength.

Best wishes for your continued success.

Steve Holmes, Course Manager, Hindhead Golf Club, Surrey, England
Punctus customer since 2012
"Calculating costs for the greens committee"
"I have been using the Punctus software for just over a year now and find it invaluable to my day-to-day running of the course. Once my relevant information was loaded onto the system everything I need is quickly obtainable.

I used it to prepare budgets this year and it made life so much easier with costing, prices and quantities just a click away.

I also find it a great help when producing work programmes and costing jobs for green committees. All the information I require is at my fingertips and can quickly be printed to present a relevant case to the committee.

An example for cost management on our course
We used to cut the grass in between the trees along the Fairways once a week with a ride-on rotary mower. Meanwhile the trees have grown too much: no more machine use possible. The greens committee wanted us to continue cutting there, now using a strimmer. We started doing this, logging the time on Punctus.
Even I was surprised how much it was in total. I then went back to the committee with the cost report for the job.
They decided it was not worth it and we stopped cutting between the trees. It is now hardrough."

Kevin Clue, Head Greenkeeper, Petersfield Golf Club, Hampshire, England
Punctus customer since 2011

"The unexpectedly high costs of a big tournament"
"Kopavogs og Gardabaejar is a membership course. With a rather short season in Iceland we need the course open to our members as much as possible.

We used Punctus to log all extra efforts for the preparation of a big tournament and were quite surprised: the costs involved are much higher than we thought. The cost report includes the time of the team: the real cost of the tournament was three times higher than the amount of money the club received from the sponsor. We use this information to re-evaluate our situation for next year."

Einar Jonasson, Assistant Head Greenkeeper, Golfklúbbur Kopavogs og Gardabaejar, Island
Punctus customer since 2012

"How much Nitrogen did we bring out?"
"We have a lot of special events in the stadium. The related earnings are part of the budget. But on the greenkeeping side the extra hours can really add up for preparation for an event and getting back to normal. Using the Punctus Software I can easily show what happened, when costs are discussed.

Also, unscheduled training units in the stadium instead of on training facilities cost quite a bit of time and money: lighting installation out, back in, more work on the turf, re-doing the lines...

When I get asked, why we have so much overtime, I have the answers. Also for all planning around staffing levels and job planning, the reports help me a lot. Management tends to ask more questions, when there are problems. Another thing: there is nothing better, than to see all details in the nutrient reports at the end of the year."

Sebastian Breuing, Head of Greenkeeping, SV Werder Bremen, Weserstadion, Germany (42.000 seats)
Punctus customer since 2014

"Better conversation with the greens committee"
"We have a lot of high maintenance bunkers on our course and actually used to spend more time on them than on the greens. I knew this. Seeing it black on white brought it home to the committee. Now we are talking about what changes to make to bring the hours down.

Another thing: I had an old machine that the committee wanted me to keep repairing. They were shocked to see the true cost of that machine including our time and how disruptive it was.

Punctus is easy to use and I can just pull the reports and graphs and show what we are spending on certain jobs."

Philip Holmes, Head Greenkeeper, Longniddry Golf Club, Scotland
Punctus customer since 2014

"Important decisions: made much quicker"

"I have been using Punctus since 2011 and am really happy. It takes me 10 minutes a day. Also all planning of work to be done and budgeting is done with Punctus. As I have all data readily available, I can present management with up to date information and get important decisions made much quicker. Thank you for the software."

Karl-Josef Neuhausen, Head Greenkeeper, Golfpark Rittergut Birkhof, Germany
Punctus customer since 2011
"Punctus is the most important tool for me to deliver good numbers to our management!"
"I manage several golf courses and I want to be able to compare them as well as needing detailed information about the greenkeeping cost for greens, fairways, tees etc to be cost effective.

Staffing costs can be planned better, as I have good information giving me average costs for standard greenkeeping based on several years. Extra jobs due to bad weather, heat, construction projects or events I can assess much better based on detailed reports.

I use primarily Daily Work, Machines, Budgets and all the reports: these are the very meaningful tools for me!"

Martin Auer, Head Greenkeeper, Golfresort Haugschlag, Austria
2 x 18 holes Leading Courses Waldviertel and Haugschlag
18 compact course GC Herrensee

Punctus customer since 2013

"The longer I use Punctus, the better it gets"
"The longer I use Punctus, the better it gets. Meanwhile I have almost everything I ever need in the Punctus Program. I no longer need to search in seven different folders to find a piece of information. One mouse-click and I am there. I have a much quicker overview.

Important for me are repairs and spare parts. The overview page shows me the current value of each machine and the maintenance cost for each year. That way I can see straight away, which one needs to be replaced next.

Using the care reports, I can compare different years and show how the time needed for repair jobs changes. In addition I can show why an investment in e.g. a new rough mower is a good investment. You can actually see the increased efficiency in shorter cutting times in the data.

Fertiliser consumption and nutrient tables are important to me. I can always see them at one glance.

I have a limit how much I can spend each month. The budget in Punctus is totally easy to use. I just do annual planning, but can also see what I spent each month. That way I can easily control my numbers.

Communication with the General Manager
The way we set it up, the General Manager can also access the Punctus Program and looks up the things he is interested in. For example which jobs are being done or the cost of machine repairs.

Overall it is not really about the big wow-moments. It has just become normal to have all information needed and be able to react quickly. That makes my life easier."

Daniel Infanger, Head Greenkeeper, Golfpark Holzhäusern, Switzerland
Punctus customer since 2009

"Getting more understanding of greenkeeping"
"How Punctus helps me? Clearly with finances. I always have a very good overview. At the beginning of the year I put in my budget. During the course of the year I enter all bills paid and always know exactly where I stand.

The work reports I use to inform the operating company about greenkeeping activities. Each year in autumn I show, how and where we worked: percentage of time spent on greens, machines etc. That way I can justify and explain costs very well, because if the members the greens committee or the operating company get detailed information, e.g. how many square meters greens and fairways we are cutting each year, they get a different perspective and more understanding of greenkeeping."

Johannes Vogt, Head Greenkeeper Golf Club Klosters, Switzerland
President GermanSwiss Section of the Swiss Greenkeeper Association
Punctus customer since 2005
"The Punctus program paid for itself very quickly"
"For 12 years we did not really have clear information on time spent and costs in greenkeeping. For two months now we have been using the Punctus Program: We introduced Punctus in order to get data for controlling and cost management.

Within the first two months the clear documentation and reports led to significant savings in the machine area. The detailed information and reports are very helpful."

Alexander Thelen, Managing Director Golfclub Schloss Miel GmbH / Cologne, Germany
Punctus customer since 2008
"Makes managing the golf course much easier"
"The work reports are the most important thing for me. We have a lot of separate areas outside the actual golf course - but our budget is all about the golf course.

With the Punctus Software I can track the jobs on flower beds, parking lots etc. and show the cost of maintaining them.

I use these cost reports when talking to management about various issues.

Golf course management is all about organisation and this makes my life so much easier.

Martin Slater, Head Greenkeeper, Fontana Golf Club, Austria
Punctus customer since 2013

"Facilitates my work massively!"
We used to document our work with Excel and by writing in a diary: it took quite a bit of time to gather all information. Using the Punctus software makes it so much easier, especially regarding all reports.

Now we set the software up exactly the way we want it.

It is an easy transition!"

Bodo Bredow, Head Greenkeeper
Berliner Golf & Country Club am Motzener See, Germany
Punctus customer since 2016

"Punctus is easy"
"Greenkeepers manage the largest budget on a golf course. In daily work practice it is becoming more and more important for a Head Greenkeeper, to document all work done.

Especially if the greenkeeper would like to implement some of his own ideas, he has to be able to "sell" them to the board. For that good documentation is needed.

This should be easy and Punctus is easy."

Gabriel Diederich, Head Greenkeeper, Golfanlage Schloss Nippenburg, Germany
Punctus customer since 2002

"Documentation for environmental certification and machine costs"
"In June 2012 we were certified to Gold Standard by "Golf and Nature". This is the official Certification Program for environmental management by the German Golf Association. We reached this aim in record time, because we could show documentation for all required issues. For us the key to this success was the introduction of the Punctus Program right in the beginning. Not only can we show all use of fertiliser and pesticides in quantity per square meter, but the Punctus Program adjusts the stock supplies at the same time. Therefore we had a continuous counter check of all input.

Another aspect of Punctus that we appreciate very much is the really simple way to document all labour and spare parts for repairs of each machine separately. This enables us to look at the real cost of each machine at the end of the year and then take a well informed rational decision, whether to keep the machine or to better replace it.

Our Headgreenkeeper, Mr. Hansen, puts the information into the Punctus Program, which is the basis for the rest. When we showed the inspectors for "Golf and Nature" our documentation, they were very impressed. This has been a significant help."

Dr. Nico Nissen, Greens Convenor and responsible for environmental issues, Förde Golf Club Glücksburg, Germany

"For me as the Headgreenkeeper in charge of the team, it is very helpful, if I can document not only for myself but also for the board of the club how much time we spent on various jobs. Typical Greenkeeping jobs aside, the amount of time needed for gardens, maintenance of buildings or paths, construction work etc often gets underestimated. Also, Punctus helps me to keep track of my staff's time sheets. The Punctus Program has become an essential management tool for me."

Frank Hansen, Head Greenkeeper, Förde Golf Club Glücksburg, Germany
Punctus customers since 2010
"Punctus saves me a lot of time"

"In the beginning I was sceptical, now it is: not without Punctus!

The club manager regularly takes a look at the data he is interested in.

Everyone wants a top golf course, but that costs a lot of money. With our staffing levels, we have to prioritise. Using the Punctus Software, I can show, which jobs cost how much per year. How many hours can we afford to cut bunker edges?"

Stuart Crossan, Head Greenkeeper, Golfpark Bellavista, Germany
Punctus customer sincet 2008

"It is really good for me    ...    for the greens committee it is also really good"
"I have all information together. Stock, all time sheets, my machines. Discussions about possible improvements on the course are a regular thing. They are easy for me, because I have good arguments where we are spending our time on the course and that we will need more staff, if we get asked to take on additional jobs.

For the greens committee the Punctus Program is also really good when dealing with members. They can easily show for example, how much time we spent in the bunkers and that they have to increase the budget if their quality should be increased.

Showing facts cuts unqualified discussions short. It is really good for me."

Markus Löffl, Head Greenkeeper, Golfclub Altötting-Burghausen, Bavaria, Germany
Punctus customer since 2009
"Terrific Workshop and Great Support"
"Hi Herwarth,

I just want to say 'thank you' for the terrific workshop and your great support, whenever I have a question. Since using Punctus, I have much better information: how much time is spent on jobs and also catch the "5-minute- jobs" that tend to get overlooked but really add up. I am currently using the data from the Punctus System to make changes to my maintenance planning. Also, I have clear information including total costs to report to the Greens Committee. Punctus is really easy to understand and to use.

Kind regards

Ralf Thieme, Head Greenkeeper, Golf Club Dillenburg, Germany
Punctus customer since 2009
"10 - 15 minutes a day"
"Greenkeeping used to be 90% 'Muck and Magic' and 10% Science - today it is the other way round.
This we have to face.

I was looking for a program, that would provide me with an opportunity to gather data fast: clearly structured and easy to use. I found it: 10-15 minutes a day and I can push my favourite button "End".

This provides me with a basis to give clear answers to questions from the club, for planning course preparation and for cost management "

Andrew Foyle, Head Greenkeeper Golfclub Chieming, Bavaria, Germany
Lecturer Greenkeeping Course at DEULA Bayern
Punctus customer since 2002
"Tailor-made for me ..."
"It was important to me to see all relevant information regarding greenkeeping at a glance and this is what I have since using Punctus. Regardless whether hours have already been worked or are planned for the future, I can always see if we are within our time-budget and how much reserves I have left.

That is why the annual planning function is important to me. The Punctus System automatically calculates capacity utilisation of the whole team and I can see in advance if it might get a little tight at some stage and how many available man-hours I have left.

Especially when extra, unscheduled work is being discussed, the information from the reports is an important tool for joint talks. There is no point in saying "yes" to extra work when the manpower is not there to complete the job and stay on top of the others. So sometimes we end up moving jobs around or using a contractor for a job. I prefer to do one job properly to doing two jobs by half. Our management likes this approach. At the same time, we often find ways to include extra work into our ongoing maintenance schedule.

Machines, stock, reports, fertiliser use and nutrient reports or weather data: it is all put in with a few mouse-clicks and a mouse-click away to retrieve.

I also like to use the graphs for reports. The longer I document with Punctus, the more meaningful the reports get. This helps me to make good decisions regarding effective work. In short this is the software I have always wanted."

Holger Tönjes, General Manager and Headgreenkeeper GC Gut Arenshorst, Germany
Punctus customer since 2010

"Internal man-hours spent on machines"

"2009 was the first year I documented a full season with Punctus. I did all the repair and maintenance work on the machines myself, as we did not have a mechanic. At the end of the season I had numbers for the board projecting how many man-hours I would be involved in machines in 2010. Based on these numbers the board agreed to hire a mechanic.

The detailed general work reports illustrate to non-greenkeepers, how big an area greenkeeping is. That enhances my standing in the golf operation.

Now we are in 2015 and I would not want to miss Punctus: it makes reporting and planning for all areas of Greenkeeping so much easier."

Alfi Stoisser, Head-Greenkeeper, Golf-Engadin St. Moritz AG - Courses Samedan and Zuoz, Switzerland
Punctus customer since 2008

"Workshop 'Cost Management in Greenkeeping'"
"Together with our Head Greenkeeper I attended the workshop held by Punctus:
Very practice-oriented and professional, this workshop has given me valuable information
  - which care activities are more time consuming in our club than elsewhere
  - which processes might be handled more efficiently
  - where we have potential to lower costs

I am really looking forward for us to be included in the benchmarking study!" (Juli 2008)

Dr. Axel Städler, Treasurer and Greens Convenor Osnabrücker Golf Club, Germany
Punctus customer since 2005
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